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ultimate accommodation solutions for fresh students

About us

We are experienced advisors with wealth professional expertise in supporting students from all over the world during their academic journey at the UK Universities.

We understand how difficult it may be to find the accommodation for the acceptable price while you are overseas. That is why we are here to help YOU.

Why to choose us?

You will have the accommodation sorted before arriving to the UK

Our expert advisors will ensure that you get the best options to satisfy your budget

We will be the first point of contact between you and your landlord until rent documents are signed

Potential problems which you may encounter if you decide to act on your own behalf

Very often, Landlord agreements could be difficult to understand, as they contain information which you may not necessary pay attention to.

Not all landlords are nice, that is why we only work with the best landlords who have got high ratings.

You can lose your deposit for something which in your opinion is not essential, for example: leaving oven in a dirty condition after moving out.

Sometimes, you can lose your money by paying upfront and not securing your accommodation at the end.

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